I enjoyed reading your piece. I agree in this day and age it is VERY difficult to find excellent nutrition information. Just about every source is both partially right and wrong about different things. That is why I like to say to most people "Eat real foods" and cut out the processed stuff.

I study nutritional biochemistry and while I would agree with you that a plant based diet could lower inflammation *compared* to a standard American diet, it is unlikely to be a better choice if we are talking about tissue recovery.

This is because meat is a richer source of the vitamins required for our cells to proliferate (namely B12 but also folate which is in liver). Vitamin A is also important for proliferation and much richer in animal products. This is especially important for a small subgroup of the population that because of a genetic deficiency cannot make vitamin A from beta-carotene in plants very well.

Meat is also a better source of protein and contains compounds called purines which are also required for cell proliferation and repair.

It's certainly possible to consume *enough* protein following a plant-based diet but it's more difficult.

Hope this helps!

Dr. Brandon J Eudy holds a PhD in nutritional sciences. He blogs about food, cooking, and nutrition at www.realfoodexplored.com

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